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New $6bn investment in Iraq oil sector

Switzerland-based heavy engineering company Satarem is investing $6bn to build a new large-scale oil refinery in Iraq.

Iraq bank calls for more competition

With licensing procedures simplified by Iraq's central bank, the government-owned Trade Bank of Iraq is encouraging foreign-owned lenders to set up in the country.

Iraqi Kurdistan closes the FDI gap

The autonomous region of Iraqi Kurdistan attracted relatively high levels of FDI in the first quarter of 2013, helping it to close the FDI gap with the rest of the country.

Iraqi banking sector fails to profit from oil riches

Iraqi banking sector fails to profit from oil riches

Iraq's banking sector is struggling to put its ever-increasing assets to work, a situation not helped by the fact that it is dominated by inefficient state-owned institutions. Can an influx of foreign banks – and the technology and expertise they bring – help transform the sector, or will development hinge on the state-owned banks' ability to reform?  

Iraqi telecoms sector continues on growth path

Iraqi telecoms sector continues on growth path

Since the fall of Saddam Hussein's regime in Iraq, the telecoms and mobile phone industry has become the fastest growing sector in the country after oil and gas. And the competition between the three major service providers is set to push the industry further.

Iraq needs greater finance sector reform, says industry

Iraq's finance industry has called for further reform to the sector if the country is to progress to the next phase of development.

Qasim Al Fahadawi

Al Anbar governor charts province's progress

The governor of the Iraqi province of Al Anbar updates Courtney Fingar on the area's progress, including news of a $1bn fertiliser project.

Iraq seeks telecoms boost

Iraqi telecoms professionals call for government help in fulfilling potential.


Abdul Karim al-Luaibi: showing the world Iraq's potential

Iraq has made solid progress in developing its oil capabilities and has ambitious plans to increase production further, according to its minister of oil, Abdul Karim al-Luaibi.


Turning Iraq's 'oil curse' into a blessing

Iraq's abundance of oil has been blamed for much of its instability over the past few decades. However, its new government is vowing to use the country's oil reserves to bring greater unity to the Middle East.

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