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Nigeria on "right track" says Uju Aisha Hassan-Baba

The new executive secretary and chief executive of the Nigerian Investment Promotion Council (NIPC), Uju Aisha Hassan-Baba, has expressed optimism about the country's future.

Nigeria’s presidential candidates embrace business

As Nigerians prepare to go to the polls, fDi talks to pundits on what the different outcomes might mean for foreign investment in the country.

Investors into Nigeria on hold for election

Concern about the impact of Nigeria’s postponed elections on FDI is being tempered by optimism. 

Jonathan shifts blame for Nigeria poll delay onto electoral commission

Following the announcement on 9 February that Africa’s biggest economy would postpone a hotly contested presidential election for six weeks, Nigeria’s embattled President Goodluck Jonathan appears to be shifting some of the blame for the delay onto the country’s electoral commission.

Nigeria takes its foot off the gas

Nigeria seeks FDI as it steers away from hydrocarbons

The Nigerian government has recognised the need to for the country to diversify its economy beyond the volatile hydrocarbons sector, and to improve its business environment, but progress towards both these goals is proving to be slow.


Nigerian infrastructure: building from the base up

Nigeria’s poor infrastructure has historically held back its economic development, but as This Is Africa reports, the arrival of private sector investment is changing all that

Eko Atlantic City, Lagos, Nigeria

The African IFCs eyeing Johannesburg's crown

While Johannesburg remains way out in front when it comes to African international finance centres, competition is emerging in Casablanca, Lagos and Rwanda. And though reputational issues may dog much of the continent, it would seem that South Africa will not have everything its own way in the coming years.

Lekki Free Zone bucks downward Nigeria FDI trend

As the rest of Nigeria struggles to attract investment, the Lekki Free Zone has performed strongly, with Chinese companies showing a particular interest.

Financing deal complete for Nigeria's Ughelli power plant

The Transnational Corporation of Nigeria has agreed to provide the remaining $225m needed to finance a gas-fired thermal power plant in Delta State, Nigeria.

Nigeria enjoys FDI growth

FDI into Nigeria has been on upward trajectory between 2010 and 2012, with this growth looking set to continue in 2013.

Global greenfield investment trends

Crossborder investment monitor

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fDi Benchmark is the only online tool to benchmark the competitiveness of countries and cities in over 50 sectors. Its comprehensive location data series covers the main cost and quality competitiveness indicators for over 300 locations around the world.

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