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Czech Republic sees property boom

Czech Republic dominates central and eastern Europe rankings for property deals.

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Dubai Airport Free Zone looks to diversify and expand

The director-general of DAFZ says the zone is to focus on attracting companies from Far East.

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OPEC predicts big growth in Latam oil supply and demand

According to a report by OPEC, both the supply and demand for oil is expected to increase in Latin America over the next few years. But with several large projects by companies such as Petrobras already under way, supply is still set to outweigh demand in the region.

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Bucharest leading destination for eurozone investments into financial sector

Bucharest was the top destination for eurozone FDI into the financial  services sector in 2011, with Italian and Australian banks such as UniCredit and Raiffeisen Zentral Bank expanding their presence in the city significantly.

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Israel’s commercial real estate market gains momentum

The establishment of real estate investment trust regimes, an increase in the number of listings and improved transparency is making the Israeli-listed real estate sector more attractive to foreign investors.

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China releases new guidelines for foreign investment

In a bid to encourage investment in areas such as high-end equipment manufacturing, green businesses and bioechnology, the Chinese  authorities have released an updated version of their foreign investment guidance catalogue.

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Confidence figures surge for emerging economy FDI

A survey of global senior executives shows that sentiment towards FDI  in emerging economies is far more positive than in developed economies,  with China, India and Brazil registering the first, second and third highest ranking.

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Serbian president calls for more inter-Balkan co-operation

The president of Serbia says Balkan countries must work together to attract foreign investment.

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Iraq seeks telecoms boost

Iraqi telecoms professionals call for government help in fulfilling potential.

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Government support needed to make the most of ICT

Information and communication technologies can greatly improve processes for both large and small businesses. But according to the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, it is essential that governments take a greater role in ensuring the private sector has access to such technology.

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