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Emerging markets witness record FDI outflows

In the final four months of 2011, crossborder capital outflows from emerging markets increased to pre-crisis levels. But with asset prices stagnating in these markets, the economic potential of emerging economies is being called into question.

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Growing BRIC economies vulnerable to high-risk events

Brazil, Russia, India and China have all witnessed rapid economic growth in recent years, but according to a study by Maplecroft, the economies of all four emerging countries are ill-prepared for major risk events such as pandemics, terrorism and climate change. 

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Kenya’s political landscape threatens growth prospects

Kenya's economic growth in 2012 will only just surpass that of 2011 and is far slower than in other East Africa Community countries, according to research by Roubini Global Economics.

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Myanmar’s legal system ranked worst for business and investors

Index shows that significant political reform is necessary in Myanmar if the country is to capitalise on its investment potential.

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Mexico looks beyond US exports for investment boost

Mexico is preparing for a boost in investment by supporting intra-border trade and looking for new trade partnerships outside of the US.

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Unctad reports 17% global FDI inflows increase

Despite turmoil in the global economy, the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development's Global Investment Trends monitor reported a value increase for FDI inflows in 2011, to $1510bn.

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India considers opening up to global retail giants

India's commerce minister has stated that the country is investigating the possibility of allowing global multi-brand retail outlets to do business in the county.

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Asia to continue to lead global recovery: IMF

Latest IMF World Economic Outlook signals that developing Asian economies will continue to dominate the global recovery.

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Serbian officials highlight FDI's role in country's recovery

The deputy prime minister of Serbia hopes foreign investment will be able to help the country recover from its economic crisis.

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Czech Republic sees property boom

Czech Republic dominates central and eastern Europe rankings for property deals.

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