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Protests in India over retail reforms
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India's retail investment reform threatened by political opposition

India’s political scene is in turmoil following a cabinet decision to relax the country’s foreign ownership rules.

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Businesses should capitalise on favourable IP and R&D tax rules

A new report identifies the key factors that should be considered  when choosing a location for intellectual property and research and  development activities, and looks at the advantages of different European tax regimes.

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El Salvador fights for its share of FDI projects

Political stability, simplified business laws and a reputable workforce have helped attract investors to El Salvador. But minister of foreign affairs, Hugo Martínez, knows that there is still a long way to go before the country can compete with Costa Rica, central America's most attractive destination for FDI.

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TechHub makes move to help tech start-ups in Latvia

London-based tech start-up facilitator TechHub is expanding its operations abroad by opening a new space in Riga, Latvia.

Freezones teaser
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World free zones essential to pull global economy out of crisis

The chairman of the World Free Zone Convention highlights the importance of the world's free zones.

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Mixed signals from European business leaders

A study shows that a significant number of business executives in Europe expect access to funding to remain unchanged despite the current crisis.

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US ratifies trade promotion agreement with Colombia

A trade agreement has been reached between the US and Colombia, which  is expected to lead to both an increase in trade between the two countries and an increase in the  amount of US FDI into Colombia.

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Belarus seeks investor to help develop its potash production

Belarus reaches out to foreign investors by announcing a tender to commercially develop the production of potash salt in the Petrikov district.

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US corporates show strong appetitie for investing in emerging markets

A study shows that US corporate interest in emerging markets has continued to increase in the first half of 2011, with US-based companies completing the most merger and acquisition deals with emerging and high-growth market companies.

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Emerging economies help global FDI inflows to a gradual recovery

Figures from the UN Conference on Trade and Development suggest that global FDI inflows are making a gradual recovery, with developing economies accounting for more than half of global FDI inflows in the first half of 2011.

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