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Ukraine and the Crimea invest in infrastructure to boost tourism

In ten years time, Ukraine and the Crimea aim to attract 20 million tourist per year. Speaking at the International Black Sea Economic Forum, vice prime minister and minister of infrastructure of Ukraine, Boris Kolesnikov explained how investing in infrastructure will help the country reach this goal.

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Nanotechnology set to make immediate impact

Nanotechnology is predicted to have a wide impact on all manufacturing sectors in the near future.

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Joint infrastructure ventures benefit the Middle East

PPPs in the Middle East and north Africa are set to boost the region with $100bn in investments planned for the next five years.

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Short sea shipping set for Great Lakes

Could the European-style non-ocean-going cargo shipping benefit North America?

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IPAs urged to reduce education gap

Outgoing vice president of the World Association of Investment Promotion Agencies urges investment promotion agencies to adopt measures that attract FDI primarily focused on building a sustainable cadre of skilled labour in developing countries.

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Healthy growth of international tourism in first half of 2011

All world regions have seen sustained demand in international tourism, with the exception of the Middle East and north Africa.

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UNCTAD: bleak prospects for developed economies

Excessive fiscal and monetary retrenchment could derail economic recovery, warns UNCTAD secretary general.

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BRICs to make up 40% of world GDP

Brazil, Russia, India and China are set to overtake the developed economies of the G-7 in terms of gross domestic product.

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Democratic Republic of Congo gears up for presidential showdown

Weeks before the country's elections, the leader of the opposition in the Democratic Republic of Congo calls for an overhaul of the country's investment policies. 

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NY and London retain supremacy as top international finance centres

London and New York have maintained their dominance as the world's leading international finance centres, despite scoring lower than in 2010. 

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