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Political tensions pose most urgent risk in 2019, says WEF report

Rising geopolitical and economic tensions are the most urgent risk in 2019, according to the WEF's Global Risk Report. Alex Irwin-Hunt reports.

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Israel and Egypt make gasfield landmark

Egypt and Israel are deepening ties in order to exploit their valuable natural gas reserves.

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Vietnam sustains FDI growth amid US-China trade war

FDI into Vietnam rose to $19.1bn in 2018, climbing 9.1% compared with 2017. Alex Irwin-Hunt reports.

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Unctad: global FDI down by 19%

Widespread repatriations of accumulated earnings by US firms is starting to have an effect on global figures. Alex Irwin-Hunt reports.

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Why is China still borrowing billions from the World Bank?

Research from the Center for Global Development raises concerns over China’s continued indebtedness to the World Bank. Adrienne Klasa reports.

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WeWork FDI at risk in challenging 2019

Shared office space company WeWork has lost $14bn in planned investment as SoftBank scales back its plans. Alex Irwin-Hunt reports.

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Carmakers slash European jobs in restructure drive

Jaguar Land Rover and Ford announce thousands of layoffs as challenging market conditions take a toll on their profitability. Jacopo Dettoni reports. 

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World Bank president joins private equity firm following sudden resignation

Jim Yong Kim has made a surprise exit with more than three years of his tenure left to run. 

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Vienna ranked as the world’s most liveable city

Vienna, Melbourne and Osaka are the top three most livable cities, according to the Economist Intelligence Unit.

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South Korean FDI inflows remain strong

2018 was a record-breaking year, according to fDi Markets. Alex Irwin-Hunt reports.

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