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Sub-Saharan Africa a leading FDI desintation: IMF

Speaking at a conference in Mozambique, managing director of the International Monetary Fund, Christine Lagarde, praised sub-Saharan Africa economic performance but warned of several pitfalls that fast-growing economies must avoid.

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Investors still cautious about India: SKP Group

The newly elected Indian government has a lot of work to do if it is to restore investor confidence in India, Indian professional services firm SKP Group said in a recent report.

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Flurry of arbitration notices in India

Carefully timed arbitration notices from several foreign companies in India send strong signals to the new government that they need to reform the country's business landscape.

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Paraguay to invest $16bn in economy

At the Latin American Trade and Investment Association conference in May, Paraguay's Ministry for Industry announced plans to invest more than $15bn in modernising and diversifying the country's economy.

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Latin American infrastructure boom expected

More than $1000bn-worth of infrastructure projects are planned in Latin America in the next few years, according to speakers at the Fourth Latin American Investment Forum.

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Investors still betting on Ukraine

The ongoing unrest has not deterred investors from Ukraine, with the country continuing to attract foreign capital.

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Hope for Poland's renewables sector

The Polish Ministry of Environment has released a draft of the renewable energy sources act that it is hoped will be passed into law later this year.

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Panama's new president expected to continue business reforms

Experts believe that the surprise result in Panama's May presidential election will not harm the country's investment attractiveness, which has gone from strength to strength in recent years under the leadership of outgoing president Ricardo Martinelli.

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Russian exports hit by Ukraine crisis: MNI Indicators

The Russian export market witnessed a decline in April, according to macroeconomic data provider MNI Indicators.

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Optimism up among UK manufacturers: CBI

A recent survey by UK-based business lobbying organisation CBI shows optimism among the country's manufacturers to be at a four-decade high.

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