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Think tank chairman says Chengdu could be Silk Road hub

Chengdu is experiencing rapid economic growth, but independent think tank Horasis has said the city must diversify its offering beyond manufacturing if it is to establish itself as one of China's main economic hubs.

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Lao Holdings takes action against government

A suit being brought against the Lao government at the World Bank’s International Centre for the Settlement of Investment Disputes could damage the country's reputation, deterring further foreign investment.

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Report finds investment treaties to be lacking in HCMs

A recent report by the Vale Columbia Centre on Sustainable International Investment has found that most investment treaties fail to include home-country measures, which could help encourage FDI and economic co-operation.

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Switzerland leads WEF competitiveness ranking

The World Economic Forum has placed Switzerland at the top of its competitiveness index, citing the country's level of innovation, efficient labour market and sophisticated business sector as its key attributes.

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Croatian capital launches new development plans

The Croatian capital of Zagreb is actively targeting FDI to help fund a series of new development projects that aim to improve the city's transport links and public services.

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Companies need to brace themselves for US clampdown on corruption: J H Cohn

Companies are being advised to be particularly vigilant of the increasingly strict anti-corruption regulations enforced by the US authorities.

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Overall decline in capacity of global IPAs: World Bank

A report by the World Bank shows that the overall performance of investment promotion agencies is in decline, with a significant proportion failing to respond to investor enquiries.

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Mozambique announces 10-year agriculture plan

Mozambique's government is looking to spur growth in its agriculture sector and has announced a 10-year development plan concentrating on the sector.

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Dramatic increase in annual consumption in emerging markets: McKinsey

A report by consultancy firm McKinsey Global Institute projects that annual consumption in emerging markets is set to more than double by 2025.

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Tanzania looks to launch sovereign wealth fund

With the recent discovery of offshore gas in Tanzania set to increase the country's annual revenue by up to $3bn, president Jakaya Kikwete has announced the possibility of establishing a sovereign wealth fund.

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