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IMF trims MENA growth prediction

The International Monetary Fund has revised its economic growth forecast for the Middle East and north Africa.

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Global FDI recovery derailed: Unctad report

Global FDI took a big hit in 2012, with developed nations suffering the full brunt of continued economic fragility.

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India's turnaround on tough tax rules

Pressure from foreign investors has caused India's government to rethink its new General Anti-Avoidance Rules, which were passed in 2012.

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Australia's mining boom is over, says Nexia Australia

A downturn in demand from Asia-Pacific is likely to lead to a slowdown in the previously unabated growth of the Australian mining sector, according to accounting and consultancy firm Nexia Australia.

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Operational costs on the rise in China: Nexia China

China's economy has evolved to a point where foreign investors can no longer rely on it as a cheap destination for manufacturing and must turn their attention to other, more domestically focused operations, according to accounting and consulting firm Nexia China.

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Maplecroft report highlights political risk hotspots for 2013

Terrorism, conflict and resource nationalism are among the most significant political risks that will face investors in 2013, according to risk analysis company Maplecroft.

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Colombia's oil industry set for boom

Colombia grants licences for oil exploration as investor confidence in the country grows. 

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Pro-FDI tax reform largely neglected in 2012

A report by global tax advisory, Taxand, shows that most of the tax reforms introduced in 2012 were designed to increase government revenues rather than encourage FDI.

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UK needs to increase infrastructure appeal: EC Harris

In a recent ranking of global destinations for infrastructure investments, the UK was placed outside of the top 10, a potential blow to the country's plans to seek investment in a new high-speed railway network and nuclear facilities.

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Louisiana receives record-breaking investment from Sasol

An investment by South Africa-based chemical and energy company Sasol is set to be the largest single manufacturing investment recorded in Louisiana's history.

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