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US experiencing manufacturing renaissance: Brown Advisory

A combination of factors have driven down the cost of manufacturing in the US, leading a number of businesses to reshore their manufacturing operations, according to Baltimore-based investment agency Brown Advisory.

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Ecuador keeps faith in Correa

The re-election of Rafael Correa as Ecuador's president should be viewed as a sign of political and economic stability, according to the country's investment authorities.

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BRICS Summit highlights a growing role for Africa

The emerging economies of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa have forged important ties at the latest BRICS summit

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California experiences a high-tech manufacturing resurgence

California’s Silicon Valley has experienced an increase in high-tech manufacturing activity in the past few years, making Santa Clara County one of the US's leading specialised manufacturing hubs.

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Chavez policies set to remain in Venezuela

Venezuela's business climate likely to remain uncertain despite post-Chavez presidential elections.

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Lithuanian prime minister stresses FDI focus

In his first meeting with the foreign business community since his election in December 2012, Lithuanian prime minister Algirdas Butkevičius outlined his strategy to attract more foreign investment into the country.

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Angola revives Eurobond plans

Following a period of strong economic growth, Angola has announced plans to launch its debut Eurobond.

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Strong flows in MENA's oil and gas industry: Ernst & Young

The Middle East and north African oil and gas sector experienced a surge in transactions in 2012, according to Ernst & Young, and can expect further growth in 2013.

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Investment managers remaining cautious: Towers Watson

Most investment managers are remaining bearish about Western markets in 2013, according to a survey by professional services firm Towers Watson.

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Healthy growth in Thailand in 2012: Roubini Global Economics

Thailand experienced strong economic growth in 2012, with increases in private consumption and exports, according to economic and financial analysis firm Roubini Global Economics.

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