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Confidence figures surge for emerging economy FDI

A survey of global senior executives shows that sentiment towards FDI  in emerging economies is far more positive than in developed economies,  with China, India and Brazil registering the first, second and third highest ranking.

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IPAs must develop new dimensions to their strategies

As their numbers continue to increase, investment promotion agencies across the globe are seeking new and ever more complex strategies, incorporating social media, competitive intelligence and location branding, in a bid to secure new investments in their countries.

Company profile: Groupe SEB

Groupe SEB is the world's leading company in the small appliances sector, yet despite its success in Asia and the Americas, its traditional French base remains integral to its future plans.

Morocco bank

Morocco's Attijariwafa Bank expands its African reach

Attijariwafa Bank is the largest financial institution in Morocco and the sixth largest in Africa. Its CEO, Mohamed El Kettani, tells Barbara Njauabout the bank's plans for expansion within Africa, particularly to the unbanked, and of the projects it has funded throughout the continent.

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Morocco's modernisation drive draws investor attention

With the largest stock exchange in north Africa, a slew of new projects intended to attract foreign investors and a modernisation drive to improve existing institutions, Casablanca is well positioned to achieve its aim of becoming an international financial centre.

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Belarus grasps pharmaceutical initiative

The pharmaceutical market in Belarus is seen as one of the country's most promising areas for economic growth, and with two pharma producers among its most profitable state-owned enterprises, this is a fact not lost on foreign investors.

Software and IT sector enjoys global success in 2011

There has been a global surge in the number of FDI projects in the  software and IT sector. Investment in the UK has seen a particular  upturn, with the number of projects increasing by nearly two-thirds from  2010's total, and London recording more than 100 projects in the year  so far.

Iraq seeks telecoms boost

Iraqi telecoms professionals call for government help in fulfilling potential.

Morocco tourism

Morocco looks to play to tourism strengths

Attracting travellers to Morocco is not difficult, given its array of natural attractions and reputation as a cultural hot-spot. However, the country's government is not resting on its laurels, and has launched a plan to pull in more tourists, and in doing so attract more foreign investment and create more jobs.

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Off the scrapheap: US car industry bounces back

The US car industry seemed to be in terminal decline only two years ago as the after-effects of the financial crisis battered the major car-makers present in the country and ravaged the regions in which they operated. However, the industry's rebirth is defying the doom-mongers, with GM, Ford and Chrysler all recovering and foreign firms investing throughout the country in a wide array of vehicle production activities.

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