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Facebook eyes global expansion

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EMG builds Uzbekistan plant

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Inside fDi: Think the world’s gone pear-shaped? Try a banana

A rare, enforced stint at home left Courtney Fingar pondering the  shape of the post-crisis world. After struggling to fit a spherical peg  into a banana-shaped hole, the conclusion was that the world, emerging  and developed, is much more complex, and interwoven, than many people  realise.

auto kick start

A jump-start for the US

Automakers are responding to a US government injection of ‘green’ dollars into the industry by retooling for a new era in car manufacture.

Global auto projects fall by 39.6%

In line with economic predictions, fDi Markets has recorded a significant drop in the number of projects in the automotive OEM and automotive components sector.

biotech art

The recession has not stopped the biotech boom

Biotechnology is riding out the recession as investment in the sector hits new highs. 

Wallonia scientist

Wallonia makes waves

The Wallonia region of Belgium is making a big impression on the global biotech sector, with Biowin, its health cluster, leading the way.

Innovation central

Innovation central

Missouri has established itself as a leader in life sciences and biotechnology – boasting of the world’s leading R&D centres in this field.

home comforts

Missouri provides home comforts

With a rich history in life science research, excellent transport infrastructure and a skilled workforce, Missouri is a natural base for progressive companies involved in medical supplies and biotechnology.

Better medicine1

Geron Corporation works towards better medicine

US biotech company Geron Corporation has every reason to believe its work in stem cell and cancer research will be as groundbreaking as the Roslin Institute’s creation of cloned sheep dolly back in 1997.

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