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Photronics Plant for South Korea: 

 Connecticut-based semiconductor equipment maker Photronics Inc is to build a photomask plant in South Korea in anticipation of a rise in demand for chip components.

Powerful incentives

Utility companies hoping to win new business are finding it is not enough just to have a good delivery record. As Erika Morphy reports, expanding their customer bases through investment promotion is more critical than ever.

Material gains

The wave of reconstruction under way in Afghanistan is fuelling demand for supplies, giving locally based producers an advantage, writes James Eedes.

LIFE SCIENCES: Biotechnology and Healthcare Come of Age

Over the past 12 months, the number of cross-border investment projects in the life sciences sector has increased. These investments have been driven by partnering and R&D rather than manufacturing or supply chain support. The overall number of jobs created has, therefore, declined.

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Great prospects

Afghanistan boasts a wealth of natural assets, including metals, minerals and gemstones. The government is keen to open up the mining sector to investment but first needs to reform legislation.

The tourism tool

Tourism is a big employer and income earner in Europe, and hotel investment can be seen as a barometer of the industry’s health.

REAL ESTATE: Corporate real estate makes its presence felt

Ernst & Young’s Real Estate Advisory Services annual corporate real estate survey (2005) of multinationals operating in Europe concludes that there is a growing awareness of real estate as a supporting asset.

The previous 2004 study showed corporate real estate in the Netherlands was a neglected “business tool for success”, especially when comparing with real estate management in the US and the UK. The new study finds that companies give more priority to their core business and competences.

Material wealth

With the old textile quota regime abolished, producers are repositioning themselves to capture a piece of the global market. Courtney Fingar reports on the likely winners and losers.

The new year brought a new look for the global textile market, with the expiry of a quota system that has coloured it for three decades. Whether this is an improvement on the old look depends on who you ask.

The World Trade Organisation’s Multi-Fibre Agreement, which ended on January 1 this year, is now viewed by many as having distorted world textile trade.

Brewing up business

Namibia Breweries attracted the attention of two beverage giants that were seeking a way into South Africa’s beer market. Ashleigh Lezard reports on the potential of the joint venture for all partners.

Aerospace: Airbus and Boeing’s FDI strategy

Airbus and Boeing are both preparing for take off with their new aircraft and the arch rivals are providing a lift for the entire commercial aerospace sector. Karen E Thuermer reports on the worldwide impact for manufacturers, suppliers and researchers.

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