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Armando Guebuza, Mozambique's president

Mozambique's president pledges to spread LNG riches

Recent discoveries of natural gas deposits off the coast of Mozambique have excited many notable names in the energy industry. However, as its president tells fDi, any company wishing to invest in the country will have to ensure that the benefits of any incoming wealth are felt at all levels of society.

Afghanistan: where fortune will favour the brave

Afghanistan: where fortune will favour the brave

Vast reserves of precious metals and oil make Afghanistan an attractive proposition for investors bold enough to risk the country's security threats, poor infrastructure and widespread corruption.

Afghanistan's minister of mines, Wahidullah Shahrani

Afghanistan looks to mine its way out of aid dependence

Afghanistan's minister of mines, Wahidullah Shahrani, tells fDithat by exploiting its mineral resources, the country can end its dependence on aid and banish security concerns about doing business there.

Indian and Chinese companies lead BRIC investment charge

Companies from India and China were leading source FDI countries among BRICs in 2011.

Global business conditions worsen for mining sector: Behre Dolbear

Australia, Canada, Chile and Brazil still provide investors with the most stable political and economic conditions for investing in mining, but an annual ranking by an international mining advisory firm shows that the investment climate in the sector has deteriorated since 2010.

Finland’s Adelia Group targets DRC’s Équateur province

With political tensions in the country easing, Finnish natural resources company Adelia Group is looking to take advantage of untapped opportunities in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Renationalisation threatens to shake investor confidence in Argentina

Argentinian president Cristina Fernández's decision to renationalise the country's largest oil company is the latest in a series of populist moves that could seriously dent the country's reputation and its ability to attract FDI.

Oil in Uganda

Oil discovery ignites political tensions in Uganda

Oil reserves discovered in Uganda have the potential to transform the economic status of one of the world's least developed countries. But ongoing political friction in the country and indecision over the laws pertaining to the extraction of the oil are causing concerns about just how beneficial the money from these reserves will be to the country as a whole.

Indonesia keeping up with the neighbours

Will Indonesia's masterplan see it live up to its potential?

Indonesia has achieved significant economic growth in the past three years and now, with the help of a new development plan, its government has set the ambitious target of transforming the country into a major economic power by 2025. Can Indonesia compete on the same stage as Asia's behemoth economies such as India and China, or will the basic issues of infrastructure and inflation continue to hold it back?

In Dispute April/May 2012

India’s courts do not pass muster, according to international arbitrators. 

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