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Energy independence a 'game-changer' for the US

US think tank lists the big-ticket infrastructure schemes for 2013/14. 

Report flags US infrastructure opportunities for Chinese investors

The US Chamber of Commerce has released a report stating that the US's vast infrastructure needs could be filled by Chinese investment.

US merchandise exports hit record highs: US ITA

New data from the US International Trade Administration reveals record highs for US merchandise exports for the first six months of 2013.

Bigger, wider, deeper: US ports prepare for post-Panamax ships

Bigger, wider, deeper: US ports prepare for post-Panamax ships

With the newly widened Panama Canal due to open in 2015, ports on the east coast of the US are jostling for position to ensure that they can cash in on the post-Panamax ships that will be able to access them. But with competition so fierce, and their west coast counterparts also upping their game, no clear front-runner has yet emerged.

View from Middle East and Africa: August/September 2013

The aftermath of the Arab Spring continues to heavily influence investment patterns across the Middle East and north Africa.

A port in a storm

Port problems compound Calabria's misery

The beautiful landscape of the southern Italian region of Calabria helps to mask an area with high crime and unemployment levels. And now its one salvation of recent years – the once-thriving port of Gioia Tauro – is struggling to compete against lower cost competitors elsewhere on the Mediterranean. 

MENA logisitics on right track

MENA logistics on the right track

Renewed investment in infrastructure in the Middle East and north Africa region is boosting inwards investment in the logistics sector. 

DHL Express makes the most of emerging market history

DHL Express makes the most of emerging market history

Frontier developing countries are nothing new to express logistics company DHL Express, which has been operating in such markets for decades. Now, with growth in Europe and North America stunted, its CEO tells fDi that the company is reaping the benefits of its early endeavours in what are some of the fastest growing economies in the world.

Sharjah finds numerous ways to shine

Sharjah finds numerous ways to shine

Marine and air freight services, waste management and education are just some of the areas in which Sharjah is leading the way not only in the United Arab Emirates, but throughout the whole of the Middle East.

A united effort

UAE's united aerospace effort sets global standards

The seven emirates that make up the UAE have shown a degree of collaboration in making the country a world leader in the aerospace sector, but that doesn't mean that the competition between them has been anything less than fierce. 

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