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A port in a storm

Port problems compound Calabria's misery

The beautiful landscape of the southern Italian region of Calabria helps to mask an area with high crime and unemployment levels. And now its one salvation of recent years – the once-thriving port of Gioia Tauro – is struggling to compete against lower cost competitors elsewhere on the Mediterranean. 

MENA logisitics on right track

MENA logistics on the right track

Renewed investment in infrastructure in the Middle East and north Africa region is boosting inwards investment in the logistics sector. 

DHL Express makes the most of emerging market history

DHL Express makes the most of emerging market history

Frontier developing countries are nothing new to express logistics company DHL Express, which has been operating in such markets for decades. Now, with growth in Europe and North America stunted, its CEO tells fDi that the company is reaping the benefits of its early endeavours in what are some of the fastest growing economies in the world.

Sharjah finds numerous ways to shine

Sharjah finds numerous ways to shine

Marine and air freight services, waste management and education are just some of the areas in which Sharjah is leading the way not only in the United Arab Emirates, but throughout the whole of the Middle East.

A united effort

UAE's united aerospace effort sets global standards

The seven emirates that make up the UAE have shown a degree of collaboration in making the country a world leader in the aerospace sector, but that doesn't mean that the competition between them has been anything less than fierce. 

Donetsk makes a better connection

Donetsk makes a better connection

Strategically placed between Asia, Europe and the Middle East, Donetsk Oblast's potential as a transport hub - by rail, air or sea - has long been recognised. Now that investment is being thrown at the sector, this potential looks set to be realised.

Panama finance minister looks to maintain double-digit growth

Panama finance minister looks to maintain double-digit growth

Panama's minister of economy and finance, Frank De Lima, explains how the increased capacity of the Panama Canal, coupled with an influx of investment into the country's mining sector, is offsetting any negative impact of the US recession on its dollarised economy.

Dubai special economic zones

Dubai's free zones: something for everyone

Dubai’s free zones are drawing in businesses unfamiliar with the Middle East, thanks to a combination of an impressive infrastructure, sound business advice being on offer and low taxation. 

Myanmar: open for investment

Myanmar: open for investment

The first draft of Myanmar's new and mostly liberal FDI law was passed recently and the EU and the US are set to ease the economic sanctions put in place while the country was under the previous military regime. But despite these positive steps, Myanmar's infrastructure remains weak and investors there face a number of obstacles.

Ukraine eyes agriculture boost

Ukraine eyes agriculture boost

With vast expanses of fertile land, a large labour force and a close proximity to raw materials, Ukraine's argiculture sector has enormous promise, and with global food shortages and price spikes, the time appears ripe for it to realise this potential. But first it must attract investors, and to do that it must reform its land policies.  

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