Frankfurt (Oder): room for growth in Brandenburg's border city


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Originally published with the October/November 2016 issue of fDi Magazine

In association with Investor Center Ostbrandenburg, GVZ Frankfurt (Oder) and Oder Frankfurt Slubice

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Frankfurt big ambition

Frankfurt (Oder): a small city with big ambition

Located on the Germany-Poland border, Frankfurt (Oder) stands within close proximity to Berlin and offers excellent connections to much of Europe. However, it is its innovative thinking – coming from its tech-savvy workforce or, on a grander scale, through its 'twin city' arrangement with nearby Słubice – that is attracting the interest of investors. 

Daniel Boldin

Why AsGoodAsNew Electronics is happy with its Frankfurt (Oder) home comforts

Tech start-up AsGoodAsNew Electronics was founded in Frankfurt (Oder) in 2008 and has been happy to keep its base in the city, even as its global reputation expands. Natasha Turak speaks to the company's management about why there is no place like home.

Martin Wilke

The best of both worlds: lord mayor lauds benefits of Frankfurt (Oder) location

Frankfurt (Oder) proves location is key, positioned as it is on the German-Polish border not far from Berlin. This means investors can benefit from good logistical access to eastern and western markets as well as a multilingual workforce, as lord mayor Dr Martin Wilke tells Natasha Turak.

Frankfurt Oder bridge

Twin benefits: how Frankfurt (Oder) and Słubice's co-operation is paying off

Ever since Germany opened its borders to Poland in 2011, the once joined areas of Frankfurt (Oder) of Słubice have been working together to ensure that their populations get the best of both worlds. Natasha Turak reports on this mutually beneficial arrangement.

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