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Australia lures US investors

FDI into Australia in 2013 is back on an upwards trajectory, thanks to interest from the US.

Tunisia FDI decline continues

FDI looks set to decrease further in 2013 in Tunisia.

European FDI continues to struggle

First-quarter figures show European FDI remains in a slump.

India top Asian investor in Africa

India's investment into Africa remains ahead of China's.

Iraqi Kurdistan closes the FDI gap

The autonomous region of Iraqi Kurdistan attracted relatively high levels of FDI in the first quarter of 2013, helping it to close the FDI gap with the rest of the country.

Mixed FDI fortunes for Czech Republic

FDI flows into and out of the Czech Republic converged in 2012, with an increase in outbound FDI and decrease in inbound FDI.

Nigeria enjoys FDI growth

FDI into Nigeria has been on upward trajectory between 2010 and 2012, with this growth looking set to continue in 2013.

Financial services FDI slumps in February 2013

In line with a general downward trend in FDI, the financial services sector recorded a significant decrease in project numbers in February 2013 compared with March 2012. 

Italian outward FDI in four-year decline

There has been a year-on-year decline in Italian outbound FDI between 2008 and 2012.

FDI into Belgium in decline since 2007 peak

Belgium had recorded a significant decline in FDI since 2007, with 2012 figures representing an 87% decrease in capital investment.

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