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FDI into Ireland, Greece and Portugal before and after the EU bailout

Ireland, Portugal and Greece have had varying levels of success in attracting FDI since their EU bailouts.

Record number of projects in Benelux financial services sector in 2011

With 34 projects recorded in 2011, Benelux's financial services sector is staging a recovery.

FDI into Angola continues downward trajectory in 2011

Inward foreign investment levels in Angola decreased for the third  year in a row in 2011, thanks in part to dwindling investment in the  coal, oil and natural gas sector.

Software and IT services gains ground in the US

The US software and IT services sector witnessed more than double the number of FDI projects in 2011 compared to 2010, but the sector still trails behind the US business services and financial services sectors.

Mixed results for Scandinavian FDI in 2011

Denmark registered a decrease in FDI project numbers in 2011, while Sweden and Norway both saw increases.

Poland on the rise in shared service centre rankings

fDi Markets' shared service centre rankings show that Poland is the industry's rising star. India remains the leading destination for SSC projects, though it has experienced a dip in recent years.

US remains top destination for European FDI

With a 10% increase in project numbers in 2011, and more than twice  as many projects as China, the second most popular destination, the US  has retained its position as the leading destination for European FDI.

Latvia the only upward mover in the Baltics for FDI in 2011

Latvia attracted an increasing number of FDI projects in 2011, narrowing the gap between it and the most popular Baltic FDI destination, Lithuania.

Kuwait's FDI levels show decline since 2008

Inward foreign investment levels in Kuwait have consistently decreased over the past four years, with capital investment levels falling by as much as 60% in 2009, according to fDi Markets data.

Chinese FDI is on upward trajectory

Chinese companies are showing increasing appetite for investment abroad, with outward FDI project figures nearly quadrupling in the past seven years.

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