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India set to attract record number of automotive projects in 2011

The number of automotive projects in India has been steadily increasing over the past six years, and with a large number of projects already recorded in 2011, the trend looks set to continue.

Japan is Asia-Pacific's top outward FDI investor

Companies such as Mitsubishi, Toyota and Honda are leading the way with outward FDI, helping make Japan the most prolific country in Asia-Pacific for overseas investment in 2011 so far.

Manufacturing FDI into Brazil steps up a gear in 2011

BASF, Siemens, Volkswagen, ArcelorMittal and Doosan have all invested in the Brazilian manufacturing sector so far in 2011.

Where is the market headed?

Hot spots emerge as FDI decline continues

The first half of 2011 has been marked by declines in the number of FDI projects, capital invested and jobs created. However, there are growth stories in some regions, sectors and business areas.

Eastern European countries fluctuating in popularity for retail FDI

While some countries in eastern Europe are benefitting from significant increases in the number of incoming retail FDI projects, others are seeing decreases.

UK challenging China as favoured US destination

China’s once unrivalled stance as the most popular destination for US FDI is overthrown by the UK, as companies such as Amazon.com make big expansions into the country.

Influx of FDI in African software and IT sector

Capital intensive FDI projects in the software and IT sector have helped create jobs in Africa, with multinationals such as IBM and Hewlett Packard announcing significant investments on the continent. 

Western companies show unwillingness to offshore contact centre operations

There has been a marked decrease in the number of companies establishing overseas contact centres in 2011, largely owing to customer dissatisfaction with such centres.

Asia-Pacific en route to overtake western Europe as Kenya’s leading investor

Traditionally, Kenya's key source of FDI has been western Europe. But in 2011, Asia-Pacific has taken over as Kenya's most generous investor, having invested over $4.5bn into the country, over double the $1.87bn invested by western Europe.

Sweden main destination for FDI In Scandinavia

For nearly a decade, Stockholm has attracted the largest number of FDI projects of any city in Scandinavia, but Copenhagen has benefitted from the largest total capital expenditure.

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