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Business and financial services top FDI sectors in 2010

Business and financial services received the most investment in 2010, with the software and IT services sector close behind

Singapore stays top city for attracting FDI

Singapore has retained the top spot as the most popular urban destination for FDI projects in 2010

Global FDI stalled in 2010, says Unctad

Last year's rebound in FDI to Asia and Latin America was offset by a  decline in Europe, resulting in zero global growth, according to Unctad

In Dispute: Georgia plays it tough

The arrest of a businessman by Georgian authorities - who just happens to be in arbitration with Georgia - has made an ugly case even uglier

FDI world recession has begun, says academic

US expert says global economic slump has led FDI into recession

Insurer warns of risk review for emerging markets

Political unrest in the Middle East and north Africa likely to lead to  risk reassessment in the emerging markets, says specialist insurer

Inside fDi:Let's spell it out: no more acronyms

It started with a BRIC. Then came the PIGs. And now it seems that no global conference is complete until someone has grouped a load of countries together and, most importantly, made their initial letters into a word. Enough already, says Foreign Direct Investment magazine editor Courtney Fingar, who believes that these acronyms have outserved their purpose

China’s financial service industry opening up to Taiwan

China is set to see a growing number of financial service sector projects from Taiwanese companies

Lithuania stays on top in Baltics

Lithuania is the top spot for FDI in the Baltic region, according to figures from fDi Markets

FDI regains momentum in London

Investment projects into London rebounded in 2010, but a record year is unlikely according to fDi Markets

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