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The Russian capital is considered the world’s financial, economic, social and cultural centre. For the past several years, Moscow has emerged as one of the largest municipal economies in Europe, accounting for around 21% of Russian GDP, 15% of all investments and has grown to more than 20 million inhabitants.


Over the course of the past decades Moscow has gone through a massive transformation on a scale not seen in more than half a century.

From 2010, massive-scale transformation started in Moscow. The systematic approach was imbedded by the Mayor of Moscow that is based on five key principles: creating a comfortable city, diverse infrastructure, providing safety, celebrating historic identify and improving ecological situation.

The effectiveness of Moscow's work is also confirmed by its positions in the world’s ratings. Russia has reached a record-high 28th place in the Doing Business 2020 ranking. The indicator of Russia in the rating depends on Moscow by 70%. At the same time, Russia was ahead of such countries as Japan, France and Switzerland. In addition, Moscow was named the greenest megalopolis in the world in 2019, surpassing Hong Kong and Berlin. The UN “Local online services index” named Moscow among the top-10 leading cities in the world.

For the second year in a row, Moscow topped the category “World’s Leading City Destination” at World Travel Awards, having upstaged London, New York and Paris. This spectacular result has become possible thanks to remarkable success of FIFA-2018 that has left a deep and indelible impression of Moscow on the tourists from the whole globe.

Since 2019, Moscow has been participating in the OECD pilot project “Territorial approach to achieving the sustainable development goals”.

That is exactly why successful investors choose Moscow for their projects, most notably for creating sustainable business climate that meets international standards. In 2019, investments in fixed assets amounted to almost $50bn, more than 2.3 times in comparison to 2010.

We invite you as an investor to choose Moscow for your investment undertakings.

First of all, Moscow supports investment projects and provides advisory, methodological and organizational support at all stages.

In second place the best tool for every investor is Moscow Investment Portal:, which gives access to the objects of city property put up for auction, as well as to industrial land plots, technopolises and technoparks operating on the territory of the city. To date, 29 online services are available on the website.

Thirdly, in order to make aftercare maintenance for supported investors, especially in this difficult year for everyone, the Moscow Investor service was launched, which aim is to solve investors’ problems within 10 working days.  

In fourth and definitely the most important, Moscow has various types of support measures for the investors. Moscow offers the business opportunity to participate in cost-effective projects with transparent cooperation mechanisms. The most effective way is the assignment of a special status of an investment priority project (IPP), which gives the right to apply significant tax and non-tax benefits when implementing a project in Moscow.

To date, 14 investment priority projects are being implemented in Moscow, including the creation of technoparks, an industrial park, food production facilities and a plant for the production of automotive components. The total investment volume of the 14 IPPs is around $400m. The new enterprises will create 10,800 new jobs.

Moreover, Moscow is actively developing public-private partnership (PPP) through such popular forms as concessions, life cycle contracts, offset contracts. This partnership attracts both Russian and foreign business — since 2013, Moscow has concluded almost 250 PPP contracts totalling over than $13bn.

As for the offset contracts, Moscow has been the first in Russia to use such a mechanism of PPP, the main purpose of which is to stimulate business investment in the creation of new enterprises or the modernization of existing capacities.

The advantages for the investor are the following: high reliability and solvency of the customer, a long-term guarantee of sales of localized products, subsequent inclusion in the regional register of sole suppliers, a reliable base for national and export deliveries.

Going forward, most opinion leaders highlight that Moscow has proven to be successful in because all the infrastructure including public organisations, commercials, business associations are ready for establishing dialog and doing business.

That is why we invite you to invest in Moscow.