The $600m project is expected to be entirely powered by a 150-megawatt solar plant and slated to create more than 100,000 jobs, according to an Argentinian government report published on June 3. 

Matías Kulfas, minister of productive development, said in a statement after the meeting: “We very much welcome the excellent news that, after the important advances made by Ganfeng in Jujuy province, the company is now adding a new investment in lithium. [We especially welcome] the decision to advance investments in the national manufacturing of batteries and in the industrialisation of the lithium [value] chain.”


In May 2021, Ganfeng Lithium signed a memorandum of understanding with Jujuy province and the Argentinian government to install a lithium battery plant in Jujuy.

Outside of its native China, Ganfeng Lithium has operations in Australia, Ireland, Mexico and Mali.