Greater Moncton has a value proposition that no-one else has. fDi’s North American Cities of the Future 2007/08 has awarded Greater Moncton the designation of the most business-friendly small city in Canada.

That is because whether you are looking at locating a high-tech manufacturing facility, expanding knowledge-based operations or hiring top-notch people for a customer service centre, Greater Moncton in the Canadian province of New Brunswick is obsessed with your success. It is a way of life for businesses and individuals who see the many advantages of doing business in Greater Moncton. We do things outside the box, entertain creative ideas, invest in infrastructure and provide ongoing support.


Greater Moncton is a bilingual community encompassing the City of Moncton, City of Dieppe and the Town of Riverview. Referred to as the transportation hub of the Atlantic, Greater Moncton is in south-east New Brunswick. It is closer to Europe than any US seaport, adjacent to New England and within easy reach of more than 100 million US and Canadian consumers.

A growth story

Home to the fastest growing community in Atlantic Canada, Greater Moncton is now proud to be the largest metropolitan area in New Brunswick and the only CMA (central metropolitan area) in the Atlantic provinces whose growth rate (6.5%) was above the national average (5.4%). With the region’s strong economic base and diversification – there is no single industry employing more than 8% of the workforce – the city is the economic engine for New Brunswick. It had the largest drop in unemployment rates in Canada during the 1990s and per capita income grew by more than 20% during that time.

The KPMG 2006 Competitive Alternative Study rates Canada as the best place in the G7 countries to do business (a cost advantage of 5.5% over the US),” says John J Thompson, CEO at Enterprise Greater Moncton. “Greater Moncton ranked as the best place in Canada to do business in 2005. In 2006, Greater Moncton remains among the top five most affordable business locations for precision component, telecoms equipment, specialty chemical and medical device manufacturing, advanced software, electronics assembly, pharmaceutical production as well as R&D [research and development] average,” he says.

Continental Airlines agrees that Greater Moncton is the best location to do business. It implemented a daily non-stop service between the Greater Moncton International Airport and the airline’s New York hub at Newark Liberty International Airport.

Attitude asset

“Greater Moncton people and their can-do attitude have always been our greatest asset. We supply a lot of back-office support work for major US companies,” says Mr Thompson. “UPS, Minacs, Exxon Mobile, Fairmont Hotels and AOL have all come here and been very successful. The labour market is known for its bilingual capability, low turnover, low absenteeism and high productivity. The availability of qualified people has been cited many times by companies that have established in our region.”

Whitehill CEO Paul McSpurren says that the quality of the product and service the company provides with the people from Greater Moncton is world-class competitive.

Greater Moncton is home to the Irving Personal Care company, the only diaper manufacturer in Canada. In spring 2007, Molson Canada will operate its first new brewery in 50 years. With more job opportunities, business expansions and record growth setting year after year, Greater Moncton is the most coveted business location.

Our can-do attitude, our quality of life and outstanding people have made our community the place to do business, live, learn and play.

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