In April 2014, for the first time in seven months, greenfield investment monitor fDi Markets shows that there were more FDI projects in Africa than the Middle East. In April, the total number of FDI projects in Africa was 31.37% higher than the total tracked entering the Middle East. This resulted in a higher level of Africa-destined investment capital, with fDi Markets tracking $20.45bn entering Africa compared with just $3.56bn entering the Middle East. Job creation was also significantly higher in Africa than the Middle East during April, with a difference of 20,667 new jobs recorded.

Despite the downturn of FDI in the Middle East, the United Arab Emirates remained the most popular destination country in the Middle East and Africa. The UAE recorded 26 projects in April, with its nearest rival in the  region, South Africa, recording just 11 projects. Since 2003, the UAE has repeatedly ranked highest in the region, attracting the greatest number of FDI projects each month.


The resurgence of Africa-destined FDI in April has coincided with a marked diversification of source regions. fDi Markets shows the number of projects entering Africa from the Middle East falling by 80% between March and April, with a 30.77% decrease in projects from Asia-Pacific. Combined, these two regions accounted for 52.77% of Africa-destined FDI in March, decreasing to 20.90% in April. Instead, FDI largely came from elsewhere in Africa and western Europe, with both regions combined accounting for 53.73% of recorded FDI in April, an increase of 7.95% compared with March.