In Brazil, the number of FDI projects recorded has risen by 55% and the total investment has also more than doubled, rising from $21.59bn in 2010 to $53.16bn in 2011. The top two investors into the country have changed, with General Electric and General Motors taking prime position in 2011, which reflects the country’s growth as a hub for automobile manufacturing, with Renault and Volkswagen also investing.

Argentina has also enjoyed an almost 50% increase in FDI according to the data available on fDiMarkets, with the capital invested in the country rising by $6.74bn. Two US-based companies, Wal-Mart and AES Corporation respectively, were the two largest investors in the country in both 2010 and in 2011 so far.


In the first nine months of 2010, Wal-Mart was also the top investor into Mexico. In the first nine months of 2011 the number of FDI projects into the country rose by 19%, and there was substantial growth in the transport equipment cluster, with a total of $5.13bn invested, compared to the $4.18bn invested in 2010. The top investor into the country so far in 2011 is US-based automotive components company DPH Holdings.