FDI levels into Asia-Pacific during the second quarter of 2015 have experienced a decrease, according to data from foreign direct investment monitor www.fdimarkets.com.

A total of 915 projects were recorded, with the creation of 206,022 jobs by 766 investing companies.


In April 2015, a total of 314 projects were recorded by 269 companies, creating 70,877 jobs. In May 2015, FDI dropped 4% to 302 projects by 266 investors, but with the number of jobs created increasing 11% to 78,935. Total capital expenditure also dropped in May, down 4% from $29.89bn to $28.69bn

In June 2015, a total of 299 FDI projects were recorded by 261 investing companies, creating 56,210 jobs.

When analysing investment levels into the region during the three-month period as a whole, the number of projects recorded dropped by 5%, the number of companies investing decreased by 3% and the number of jobs created declined by 21%. The total capex also nearly halved between April and June 2015, decreasing by 47%.

With five months of data to be published for the remainder of 2015, it will be interesting to see if FDI levels can recover to match or surpass April 2015 figures.