In 2012, there were 128 Austrian outward FDI projects, representing a 32% decrease compared to 2011. While most European countries recorded a decline in outbound FDI in 2012, Austria experienced one of the most significant decreases. The UK recorded a 10% decrease in outbound FDI, Sweden a 27% drop and Ireland just a 3% decline.  

The 'rest of Europe' region received 53 Austrian FDI projects in 2012, accounting for 41% of all FDI from the country. This was a decline from the previous year, when the region accounted for 48% of all Austrian outbound FDI. Serbia was the most popular 'rest of Europe' destination for Austrian outbound FDI in 2012, followed in by Hungary, Poland and Romania in joint second. Some of the larger projects in the 'rest of Europe' region included an investment by cable assembly manufacturer Gebauer & Griller, which created 250 new jobs at the company's facility in Mikulov, Czech Republic, and a $150m investment by real estate developer Immofinanz to construct a shopping centre in Lublin, Poland.


Western Europe was the second most popular destination region for Austrian FDI in 2012. It accounted for 25 projects, or 20% of all Austrian outbound FDI in 2012. This is a decrease from 2011, when the region accounted for 31% of all Austrian FDI. Asia-Pacific experienced an increase in Austrian FDI in 2012, recording 19 such projects, 15% of all Austrian projects in the year. North America recorded the same number of investments, while the total number of Austrian projects in the Middle East, Latin America and the Caribbean, and Africa, increased from 5% in 2011 to 9% in 2012.