It has managed to convey itself as an up-and-coming city through well thought out marketing campaigns, such as the City of Discovery, Interactive Tayside and BioDundee, which have raised investor recognition. In its favour, it offers a well-educated workforce that has been largely overlooked. Although average earnings in Dundee are set to rise, they are currently 18% lower than the British average. Property is 27% cheaper in Dundee than the Scottish average and the city qualifies for Regional Selective Assistance, unlocking grant funding from the Scottish Executive among other sources.

Current projects include a €30m digital media park development with the potential to create 1000 jobs and a €26m life sciences centre that will house 250 scientists. The latter will be integrated with the Wellcome Trust Biocentre at the University of Dundee. Dundee is also working to reinvigorate its panoramic waterfront by improving its connections with the city.