The Chicago Network Access Point (NAP) – the world’s largest internet exchange point by volume – is located in the central business district. The majority of the advanced telecommunications infrastructure in the region connects directly to the NAP to exchange traffic. Of the national internet service providers (NSPs), 40 connect directly to the Chicago NAP. More than 125 companies, organisations and institutions peer at the Chicago NAP. All 46 of the NSPs have a point-of-presence in the Chicago area.

Sixty-eight per cent of all households subscribe to a cellular service and 48.4% are active internet users who use broadband from home.


Anchorage came in second in this category, tying with New York City and Phoenix.

State: Connecticut

Connecticut rings in with 677.9 telephone lines per 1000 people. About 76% of the population owns a mobile phone and 94.6% of the population receives broadband/DSL internet communications.

New York State took second place; Maine, Maryland and Texas tied for third place.