While the USA is the top destination for these types of projects, recording 87 in 2009 according to fDi Markets, California received the most on a state basis with 6 in the same year. In 2008 it was the top recipient with 7 projects and is on pace to be the top state again in 2010. Texas was the second most popular destination in the country with 16 projects since 2006.

The California Technology, Trade and Commerce Agency (TTCA) has been actively working with energy companies to create incentives programmes aimed at attracting investment. Examples include tax credits for hiring qualified employees and setting up in enterprise zones and locating in economically deprived areas.


Other western US states have also experienced growth in renewable energy investment. Figures showed that the Pacific Northwest was one of the most robust markets for alternative production. Like California, Oregon also offers tax incentives and loan programmes to renewable energy firms.

In a recent example, Terra-Gen Power, a New York based renewable producer started construction of a 600 turbine site in Mojave, California. Spanish solar multinational Group OPDE also announced plans to build the largest solar power plant in the US in West Sacramento, California.