Barbados is a safe, independent Englishspeaking democracy with a long history of economic and political stability. The island is well developed with modern and reliable infrastructure.

Barbados has been attracting investors engaged in call centre activities since the late 1990s. Call centre operations for customer service, financial services, collections, inbound/outbound sales, technical support, and healthcare/insurance are well suited to the Barbados environment.


Presently there are 10 centres with about 2000 call centre operators. the largest of these facilities is nCO barbados limited, an accounts receivable management company that expanded from about 900 to 1200 seats in late 2008. NCO’s general manager reported that the cost savings, excellent infrastructure and ability to employ a literate workforce were key factors in the company’s decision to locate in barbados.

Why choosese Barbados

The advantages that distinguish Barbados as a location of choice and which will continue to fuel growth of this sector include a serviceoriented, loyal, educated workforce which achieves high levels of productivity. These factors, coupled with an excellent telecommunications infrastructure, available office accommodation in fully serviced business parks, cultural affinity and exceptional social, political and economic stability add to the appeal of the island as a cost-effective, investor-friendly location for international call centres.

Business-friendly environment

Barbados provides investors with transparent policies and effective laws that enhance competition. starting and operating a business is straightforward and free from burdensome regulation. The country’s legal system is based on English common law and property rights, and intellectual property is well protected. No restrictions are imposed on foreign ownership of business enterprises.

Strong human capital

Barbados has an excellent educational system that is based on the british model. school attendance is compulsory for children between the ages of five to 16 years old and government- funded education is free of charge from primary school to university level. existing facilities and training institutions provide opportunities to continuously upgrade skills. The government of barbados is proactive and works with private enterprises to

develop and train the workforce with the necessary skills to provide a solid platform on

which investors can build. the country has a ready supply of professional services, including tax advisors, reputable international banks, global accounting firms, lawyers and management companies, offering the full range of corporate services and institutional investment managers.

Quality infrastructure and technological readiness

Barbados has a well-developed infrastructure. The island features an extensive network of roads, an award-winning seaport and a modern international airport offering daily connections to countries in europe the Caribbean and North America. The country has a solid and extensive telecommunications network. firms access state of-

the-art technologies via fibre optic systems, and information and communication technologies (ICT) penetration rates are high. Barbados ranks fourth in the Americas and 38th overall in the World economic forum’s networked readiness index 2007/08, evidence of thecountry’s capacity to fully leverage ICT for increased growth and competitiveness.

Welcoming government

The Barbados government offers an attractive incentive package to international business companies which includes:

• a low rate of tax on profits, the maximum being 2.5%;

• duty-free importation of all equipment and materials used in the business;

• exemption from exchange control;

• no minimum capital requirement;

• no withholding taxes on dividends, royalties or interest payments paid to another international business company or non-resident of Barbados;

• full and unrestricted repatriation of capital, profits and dividends;

• a training grant; and

• a network of double taxation treaties with several countries including the UK, the US

and China.

Quality services

Barbados is a niche provider of quality contact centre services. UK outsourcing firms seeking solutions for themselves or their clients should find Barbados an attractive location, especially if they are looking to target business nearby, in the US. For businesses thinking of setting up or expanding their call centres, and seeking a dynamic, service-oriented and cost effective location, it is worth considering Barbados – a prime call centre location.

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