The company chose the research and development complex operated by the Motor Industry Research Association (MIRA) to set up a new base to meet the needs of European customers. By moving to MIRA, a world-leading automotive testing facility, the company realised it could also take advantage of the services provided, including research information, product engineering and testing. Working with companies from all over the world, MIRA has designed and developed products for clients in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, South America and the US.

Jack Perkowski, chairman and chief executive officer of ASMICO Technologies, said: “Our decision to locate our offices in the unique technology environment provided by MIRA indicates the importance that we attach to technology as a way to attain our goal of global leadership. The location of our offices in the MIRA complex will not only provide access to extensive engineering and testing capabilities, but will also enable us to interact on a daily basis with a wide spectrum of technology leaders in Europe.”


Invest Leicestershire and the East Midlands Development Agency helped ASMICO to find its new premises. ASMICO recognised the benefits of moving to the region. “Not only are the office rents in the East Midlands 35% below the UK average, but also the UK has lower overall business costs than the major European markets, including Germany, France and the Netherlands,” the company said.

Mr Perkowski added: “We will be attractive to European companies that want to source in China because the UK location will eliminate language and time zone barriers. We will provide a unique sourcing solution to current and potential European customers.”

ASMICO Technologies operates 13 manufacturing facilities and a network of 36 sales offices in China. The ASMICO UK office will provide sales and marketing, project management, quality management, technical and logistics support to customers in Europe.