Economic potential

Economic potential [judged]



GDP per capita

GDP growth

Level of inward investment


Cost effectiveness

Central office rent

Out of town office rent

Industrial rent

Secretarial salaries

Middle management salaries

Manual labour rates


Human resources

Universities [judged]

Percentage of population with a degree


Telecommunications and IT infrastructure

Telecommunication charges

Phone lines per 1000 people

Mobile phone ownership (% of population)

Broadband connectivity (% of population)

Quality of life for expatriates

Natural heritage [judged]

Entertainment [judged]

Restaurants [judged]

Cultural heritage [judged]

International schools [judged]

Hospitals [judged]

Expatriate housing [judged]

Cost of renting a four-bedroom house



Transport system[judged]



Crime policy [judged]

Terrorism policy [judged]


Best FDI promotion strategy

Promotion strategy [judged ]

FDI deals [judged]

Infrastructure and urban planning projects [judged]

Investment incentives [judged]

Three biggest attractions for FDI [judged]