China is easily the top destination for manufacturing projects, according to recent benchmarking research carried out by fDi.

The country tops the charts based on quality alone, but also when both cost and quality are considered together. Its score was close to 200 points better than the second ranking country, the US. A few countries, such as France and Germany, ranked highly on quality alone, but were out of the top 10 countries when costs were factored in.


In terms of cities, China was equally as dominant, with Shanghai, Beijing and Chongqing finishing in the top three respectively, on metrics based on quality alone, and quality and expense.

In fact, when it came to quality and cost, China had seven cities in the top 10 destinations. In addition to the three mentioned cities, these included Suzhou, Tianjin, Nanjing and Dongguan. No other country had as many cities in the top 20 as China. India was the only other country to have more than one of its cities in the top 20.

While the US was able to hold on to second position for both the cost and attractiveness indices, none of its cities appeared in the top 20 on both measures.

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