FDI projects in the communications sector entering Latin America and the Caribbean reached 112 in 2011, according to fDi Markets.

Research from the greenfield investment database shows that the 2011 figure represents a 72% increase in the region compared with the 65 projects reported in 2010. The communications sector was the third most popular sector investing in the region in 2011, behind only the software and IT services and business services sectors, which were responsible for 168 and 127 projects, respectively.


It is the first time that fDi Markets has recorded more than 100 communications projects entering the region since it started recording data in 2003. Of the 112 projects, Brazil was the most popular country destination within Latin America and the Caribbean in 2011, receiving 39 projects, a 34% rise on the 29 it received in 2010. Mexico received 15 communications sector projects in 2011. The country only received four such projects in 2010, but this appears to have been an anomaly rather than a future trend.

Of all the communications projects that entered Latin America and the Caribbean, Chinese telecommunications equipment manufacturer ZTE’s decision to establish a multi-service facility in the Brazilian city of Hortolandia stands out due to the fact it will create about 2000 new jobs.