“The south-east is growing rapidly and we believe there are opportunities to work with these companies as they expand,” said Philippe Stefanini, CEO of Team Côte D’Azur, the region’s economic development agency, which is opening an office in Atlanta in 2007.

A delegation of representatives from the Riviera used the occasion of the launching of a direct Delta Air Lines flight from Atlanta to Nice in mid-May to travel to Georgia and make the case for local technology companies to invest in the region.


Côte d’Azur is especially keen on research and development projects, which would benefit from new government incentives in this sector as well as expansion of the well-regarded technology park Sophia Antipolis. Jerome Clausen, vice-president of Invest in France, North America, told Atlanta business groups how France had implemented 85 business-law reforms in the past two years and built up “the most

aggressive R&D tax regime in Europe”.