According to greenfield investment monitor fDi Markets, the Czech Republic has recorded a decrease in outward FDI levels in 2013, similar to the decline recorded in 2009. Both decreases were precipitated by spikes in outward FDI in 2008 and 2012, respectively. In 2008, fDi Markets recorded 54 outward projects by 28 different companies and 9818 jobs were created as a result. In 2012, 53 projects were recorded and 8742 jobs were created as a result by 35 companies.

Conversely, during 2009 only 13 projects were recorded and just 838 new jobs created, representing a 76% decline in outward investments. Data for 2013 shows that 23 projects were recorded and just 2282 jobs created, a decrease of 56% and 73%, respectively, compared with the 2012 figures.


The decrease in outward FDI levels in 2013 comes after a three-year growth period. fDi Markets tracked 40 outward projects in 2010, 42 in 2011 and 53 in 2012, a 307% increase from 2009 levels. Job creation figures, remained relatively high over this period, with an average of 7343 new jobs recorded annually.

While data available for 2013 does not currently included data for November and December, it is unlikely that the final figure will exceed 2012 levels.