ESBAS, Turkey’s foremost manufacturing zone, has a prime location at the crossroads of Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Situated in the city of Izmir, with easy access to ports and an international airport, ESBAS (the zone’s development and operating company) offers advantages for companies and a superior quality of life for western executives and their families.

Beginning operations in 1990, ESBAS is Turkey’s first modern production and export-based manufacturing zone. In terms of attracting foreign direct investment and companies using advanced technologies, ESBAS is the leading industrial zone in Turkey. With its infrastructure-ready sites and ready-to-use manufacturing buildings, ESBAS has attracted powerhouses such as Hugo Boss, Akzo Nobel and Delphi.


The zone currently provides employment for more than 13,000 people and in 2005 generated over $3.7bn in international trade.

High standards

Founded and operated by Kaya Tuncer, a Turkish-American entrepreneur educated in the US, ESBAS offers foreign and local firms the same high standards found in industrial parks in the US and Europe.

Companies operating in ESBAS enjoy substantial tax advantages and the following financial incentives:

  • manufacturing companies are exempt from corporate tax,
  • earnings and revenues can be freely transferred abroad,
  • Turkish goods and services in ESBAS are exempt from VAT,
  • goods imported into ESBAS from abroad are duty/tariff free,
  • imports can remain in ESBAS for an unlimited time,
  • products may be sold in the Turkish market.

Security has always been a top priority for ESBAS. Its 220-hectare site is surrounded by a fence and is patrolled by its own round-the-clock security force of 40 uniformed officers. ESBAS has government customs officials and police at the entry gate and operates its own fire department on the premises.

Servicing needs

ESBAS provides all the basic services: electricity, water, telecommunications and natural gas as well as 24-hour food service. With its strong emphasis on creating a pleasant work environment, ESBAS has planted thousands of trees and shrubs along its wide streets and common areas, which include sports facilities and shaded rest/canteen areas.ESBAS tenants also have access to amenities such as:

  • The ESBAS Technology Center, featuring a 250-seat conference center with simultaneous translation, multi-media and teleconferencing capabilities.
  • The ESBAS concert and sports hall, an 8900 square metre complex with both indoor and outdoor venues.
  • The childcare centre with 16 classrooms and a 240-child capacity.
  • Medical and dental clinics available to all workers.
  • The antique car museum, featuring 15 rare, mint-condition autos including a 1928 Ford Model A and a 1937 Packard Sedan.
  • The ESBAS sculpture garden.
  • Space Camp Turkey, where young people from many nations come together for programs that combine science education, fun and friendship.

Turkey’s third largest city, Izmir is a modern, European-style city with a rich history and an exceptionally mild climate. With its location along a circular bay with palm-lined promenades and green parks, Izmir, known as ‘the pearl of the Aegean’, offers an idyllic living environment with easy access to historical sites and beach resorts.

With its exceptional amenities, outstanding quality of life and extraordinary location, ESBAS will continue to expand as investors and manufacturing companies are attracted to this ideal place to do business.

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