"The award from fDi is confirmation that since [our] transformation [in] 1989, we have been following the right path of development. Putting an emphasis on developing universities and R&D capabilities and developing sectors such as life sciences definitely pays dividends now. 


"When investors come to our cities, we make sure we take good care of them. Traditionally we had been known for a strong industrial sector, especially in mechanical engineering, now we are increasingly adding to the mix such activities as R&D in biotech, life sciences, computer sciences and all the combinations of these fields. We are poised to attract investments, partly because of the growing expertise in the fields mentioned above, but also thanks to our location – we are well connected with the rest of the continent by our international airport and sitting on the two European transport corridors."

Robert Kotzian, first deputy mayor of Brno


"Berlin has consistently taken advantage of the chances afforded by reunification. The city is a magnet for young, highly qualified workers. We see above average growth or outstanding growth in fields of the future, such as urban technologies, life sciences, IT, media, creative industries, services and tourism. As the city with Germany's highest concentration of researchers, Berlin is also a location for modern manufacturing industries. People from 190 nations live here peacefully in an inspiring and free society. We energetically communicate all these strengths. The fDi award makes us, therefore, especially proud."

Klaus Wowereit, mayor of Berlin


"It is very rewarding to see Birmingham being included in the fDi report. A couple of years ago we were nowhere to be found in this type of rankings. Now we are sitting firmly on the list of top large cities of the future and this is a great success. In the upcoming years we will be aiming for ever higher positions. We certainly have potential and drive, and thanks to this recognition we know we are moving in the right direction.

"Birmingham is already a hub of innovation, it has very good universities and is undergoing a very big change. It is visible to anyone who visits the city that Birmingham is a place that rapidly reinvents itself. For those who have not had a chance to come to the city recently, rankings can serve as a clear indication that Birmingham should not be ignored. It is especially important, because our city has to fight with many preconceptions."

Mike Whitby, leader of the Birmingham City Council


"It is excellent news that Bristol has received this independent award for its attractiveness to international investment. It reinforces why firms such as Danish offshore and marine engineering firm LIC Energy have chosen to open a new UK office in Bristol in recent months.

"We pride ourselves on being a business-friendly city and we are determined to create the right conditions for new investors to locate here and create jobs. This is why the council is working side by side with our partners on the Local Enterprise Partnership, creating opportunities for thousands of jobs at Temple Quarter Enterprise Zone and throughout the west of England area."

Barbara Janke, leader of the Bristol City Council


"We are a growing city. We have seen a large increase in the number of residents in Cologne. That shows that people are increasingly willing to live here. Also, our population is young – we have more than 80,000 students studying at our 12 universities. Thanks to that, our city is very dynamic. We have a mix of tradition and modern styles, and that can be appealing to investors coming to the city. Being called a European city of the future adds to that appeal and goes in line with the way we look and feel about Cologne."

Jurgen Rothers, mayor of Cologne


"We are very happy that Copenhagen was awarded a prize by fDi. This confirms the fact that Copenhagen is gearing up for growth. By 2025 we’ll have 20% more people in Copenhagen than in 2011. To keep up we are making major investments in our infrastructure and our schools. By 2015 we expect to have spent more than €70m on development.

"Meanwhile, the city is also seeking to actively promote private sector growth. In the next few years, we expect that 20,000 new jobs will be created, 45,000 new housing units will be built and 2.8 million square metres of retail, office, cultural and educational space will be built. At the same time, Copenhagen is a very livable city. It offers both surroundings and infrastructure that make everyday life easier and more pleasant. It is easy to get around by bike or by public transport, and you can have a quick swim in our harbour baths – in all seasons."

Frank Jensen, mayor of Copenhagen


"This result is great news for the city. Edinburgh has moved straight to the top of the same league table as major cities such as Frankfurt, Amsterdam and Oslo. This is a fantastic achievement and is testament to our success in securing more than 30 new investment projects in the past 12 months, including [online retailer] Amazon and [electronics and engineering group] Toshiba. Despite the global recession, Edinburgh has secured more new investment over the past three years than in the previous five. We are also very proud of the foreign direct investment strategy award as it recognises the council's innovative approach to supporting investors in the city."

Jenny Dawe, leader of the Edinburgh City Council


"It is always a pleasure to see Glasgow’s continuing success in both attracting inward investment and the financial services industry receiving fully merited recognition. This success has reached new heights over the past decade with the development of the International Financial Services District, and is a testament to the hard work of the council and all our partners over that time, attracting more than 15,000 new jobs and billions of pounds of investment. A generation ago it would have been unthinkable to consider Glasgow achieving this status in such a short time – something that speaks volumes for the regeneration of the city. We are delighted to see the city feature so prominently in the fDi awards."

Gordon Matheson, leader of the Glasgow City Council


"I am very honoured that Grenoble is mentioned for the first time in the top 10 western European cities for FDI strategy and is recognised for its high number of students. This is the result of a long tradition of co-operation between the [city's leaders in] research, industry and education who, together with the support of the local government agencies, contribute to make this area more and more attractive."

Michel Destot, mayor of Grenoble


"We are pleased that the efforts of Jastrebarsko city government are appreciated by fDi's judges. News that Jastrebarsko was awarded a title of the European City of the Future confirms the quality of the local development strategy to encourage FDI, which follows the trend of the neighbouring cities in our region.
"Key factors that made Jastrebarsko successful are the staff that work hard in promoting and facilitating inward investment, key initiatives to be implemented as part of long-term projects in the city and a favourable transportation position that helps in a way of facilitating further economic, social and cultural development in a desirable destination for both business and life.
"This title provides us with a building stone for continuing to increase the competitiveness of foreign projects at a local level and international investment opportunities in Jastrebarsko."

Mihael Zmajlovic, mayor of Jastrebarsko


"Holding the position of the best city in eastern Europe for FDI strategy only confirms that our previous activities towards foreign investment attraction yielded a visible result. The highlight of Katowice in the fDi ranking surely will be a driving force for further development of the city and the whole Silesian region.

"By implementing numerous projects in the field of business, infrastructure and culture we are successfully improving our investment-friendly environment and [the city's] quality of life. The near future [presents] huge challenges and our goal is to be a strong point on the investment map, recognised as an innovative and attractive European metropolis."

Piotr Uszok, mayor of Katowice


"We feel very honoured to be recognised by fDi as one of most cost-competitive locations for investments in the whole of Europe. It can also be seen as an impulse that will help us attract investors to Kharkiv. 

"It has to be noted that our city differs from many other locations in Ukraine. We are very involved in strategic planning and the development of infrastructure. And such an approach pays out, as the Ukrainian cabinet of ministers had recognised [Kharkiv] as the best place to live in the whole country, while the EU praised us for our efforts towards international co-operation and integration. For that reason, recognition from fDi is yet further confirmation that we should continue with changing the city and while doing it, changing the future of the city."

Igor Terekhov, deputy mayor of Kharkiv


"I feel proud of Leipzig being recognised as one of the most promising locations in Europe. To be among the top 10 cities in three categories is a great success for our city and encourages us to pursue our path further. In recent years, we have carried out numerous initiatives that contributed to fostering business development. Leipzig now offers first-class infrastructure, internationally recognised research centres and innovative clusters, and a highly educated and productive workforce. The fDi award is, for us, a significant sign that we are on the right track. Leipzig is a great place to live, work and invest. Investors from all over the world are very welcome here and will find excellent investment conditions and quick and competent support."

Uwe Albrecht, deputy mayor of economic affairs and employment of Leipzig


"Lisbon is grateful for the award given by fDi for its FDI strategy in southern Europe. The city has a special commitment with the creation and attraction of talent, enterprises and investments. By increasing the competitive capacity of its economy, we want to position Lisbon as an Atlantic business hub, where innovation, creativity and the entrepreneur spirit make the difference. We work every day to make Lisbon a business-friendly place with plenty of opportunities for investors.

"This award is an incentive for Lisbon to continue to implement initiatives for the economy of the city. We think that a clear investment strategy, the urban projects that are currently being undertaken, the quality of the workforce and the quality of support to investors were important in this achievement."

Antonio Costa, mayor of Lisbon


"fDi’s award serves as a positive assessment of the politics we have been doing for the past 30 years. I have been a mayor only for three months, but I have been observing the European Cities and Regions of the Future rankings for a while now and I am happy we did so well. 

"Luxembourg is in good economic shape, but we are very dependent of the economic situation around us and even a place such as Luxembourg, which is seen as wealthy with good living conditions, has to constantly work on its success."

Xavier Bettel, mayor of Luxembourg


"The issue of Moscow's position in rankings such as fDi’s is really important for us. We used to be around the bottom of the list, not because of the fact that Moscow is a bad city for the investments, but because our message could not come through. Communication of our assets is better now, hence the success. We also believe that fDi's ranking, which looks at a variety of different issues and is so complex, will help us to further promote our city, especially as an international financial centre, as that is the project we are currently focusing on. 

"We do have a plan and vision for Moscow, we have defined the key sectors in which we would like to attract FDI, and key issues that need to be improved to do that, and now we are working to make our ambitious plan work."

Sergey E Cheremin, head of the department for external economic and international relations of Moscow


"Sixth place in the overall ranking of European Cities of the Future, published by fDi, is a very good result for the city of Munich. I am very pleased, as this position underscores the attractiveness of the Bavarian capital. Munich [offers] a unique blend of economic vibrancy and quality of life. It boasts a mix of global players, SMEs [small and medium-sized enterprises] and energetic start-ups across a diverse array of industries. Bucking the European trend, Munich is expecting constant population growth in the years ahead and will attract highly qualified talent. So it has rightly been recognised as one of the European cities of the future. 

"I am especially pleased that Munich has achieved this excellent ranking in such a highly competitive field. The standard of competition shows us that we cannot afford to rest on our laurels. Rather, this ranking will spur us on to identify future challenges to the city and continue to improve business and living conditions in Munich in the interests of the people and companies who live and work here." 

Christian Ude, mayor of Munich


"It is a fantastic achievement for Nottingham to be recognised by fDi as a leading European city of the future. The study underlines Nottingham's capability as a high-achieving city to invest in. Nottingham is an ambitious, business-friendly city that is home to more than 50 regional and national headquarters. It is a connected city with excellent digital, information and communications technology and transport links. Nottingham’s two world-class universities, with more than 60,000 students, allow businesses direct access to highly skilled graduates.

"Nottingham City Council and its inward investment team internationally promotes Nottingham’s key growth areas and identifies and meets the needs of businesses looking to locate here. East Midlands Airport also has a symbiotic relationship with local businesses in Nottingham, differentiating itself from other regions. With more than £1bn [$1.58bn] to be spent on infrastructure and redevelopment projects over the next five years, Nottingham is definitely a city that means business."

Jon Collins, leader of the Nottingham City Council


"Our city has [achieved] positive results in co-operation with domestic and foreign investors, but we [will] not stop at what we have already achieved, and we are always seeking better perspectives along with effective ways of business co-operation. We are confident about our capabilities and prospects. [The city's] qualified personnel, geographical location and quality of life all create favourable conditions for the city to build up strong inter-regional and international co-operation.

"We are proud that our city is not only an administrative and cultural centre of the region, but also a European city of the future and is recognised [for] its attractiveness for investments. We support the economic development focusing on the co-operation both with domestic and foreign organisations and investors."

Volodymyr Khomko, mayor of Rivne


"We are delighted to see Sheffield's credentials as a leading location for business investment be reflected in the fDi rankings. Sheffield has a long and proud history, and is a global brand still associated with innovation and quality. We continue to invest in the city's future and to create an environment to encourage and support business and economic growth. Key assets such as the Sheffield City Region Enterprise Zone, with tax and business rate incentives, combined with our compelling knowledge base, will undoubtedly attract further foreign and UK investment across the advanced technology sectors in which Sheffield excels."

Julie Dore, leader of the Sheffield City Council


"The fact that Stockholm is ranked so high is brilliant news for us and clear proof that the world perceives the Stockholm region as strong and competitive. It is obvious that the interest in Stockholm is great right now. Our well-educated people, numerous innovative companies and economic growth contribute to that result. We are well placed in terms of both technology and IT communications but also in terms of innovation.

"It is important that we continue to promote the development despite increased international competition, so that our ability to attract investors is strengthened even more. It is all about continuing to offer a good business climate, to keep a stable economy in the city and in Sweden, but also that we can offer great service to the Stockholmers, such as schools and good communications, creating favourable conditions for businesses as well as for employees."

Sten Nordin, mayor of Stockholm


"This recognition by fDi is very important for us, especially [considering] that our place in the rankings two years ago was very low. The most significant thing was defining what problems we were facing and then seeking solutions to fix them in order to create a good business climate in our city, and that is exactly what we did. We did our best to establish good business conditions for the investors willing to come to our city, and now we see the prize for our efforts.

"Since the award comes from a magazine that is so well regarded within the industry, if anyone has any doubts about Subotica as a good place for investments, we can always point out to them the ranking and prove that we should be on the investor’s map.

Sasa Vucinic, mayor of Subotica


"This acknowledgement of Valencia by fDi, [placing the] city – for the second consecutive time – in the top 10 of the Southern European Cities of the Future ranking, [offers] important encouragement [for] the [work] that Valencia is carrying out in... innovation, education, technological and scientific development and on [rewarding] knowledge and intelligence.

"We proudly receive this award from such a prestigious financial title that appreciates our potential and considers us worthy of this honour, not only among large cities of the whole continent but also on a regional level among the southern European cities. The international success of Valencia, [which is] especially relevant because of the difficult situation that Europe is going through, confirms [that the city is] the best future bet for intelligent and innovative investment."

Rita Barbera, mayor of Valencia


"The European Cities of the Future title is an award for our work over the past eight years. Residents can clearly see that in the past few years the city has changed more than in past decades, and the award is another confirmation of that. 

"In the past, Zajecar was a significant industrial centre, but due to the economic situation in and around Serbia, people were left jobless. However, for the past four years, the local authorities have been trying to turn the situation around and bring investors back to Zajecar. We are offering a lot of incentives with a skilled workforce and it is our ambition to be seen as a good place for investment."

Boso Nicic, mayor of Zajecar


"Our performance in this year's fDi ranking indicates that we are on the right track. Zurich's appeal results from a unique combination of quite different factors, such as our high-performance infrastructure, an outstanding quality of life, excellent business conditions and a top-class cultural offer for our citizens and our guests. It is our goal and our mission to maintain and further develop these qualities by a policy of sustainability and by continuously investing in the city."

Corine Mauch, mayor of Zurich

For a full list of winners, please see European Cities and Regions of the Future 2012/13