According to greenfield investment monitor fDi Markets, total FDI from Europe into Asia-Pacific has experienced a three-year period of decline, between 2013 and 2015.

During this period, a total of 4319 investment projects were recorded, with some 595,354 jobs created by 2674 investing companies. 


In 2013, 1540 projects were recorded by 1106 investing companies, leading to the creation of 205,662 jobs. In 2014, the number of investing companies decreased by 3% to 1076, with a 3% decrease in projects recorded (1488). Job creation also declined by 6% with 193,451 new jobs recorded as a result of FDI. Total capital expenditure in 2014 stood at $63.5bn compared with $65.9bn in 2013. 

During 2015, 1291 projects were recorded by 952 investing companies, leading to the creation of 196,241 jobs. The total capital expenditure for the year was up compared with 2014, as were the number of jobs created. But project numbers and the number of companies investing were both down. 

The top three industry sectors for FDI into the region during this period were: business services (654), software and IT services (531) and industrial machinery, equipment and tools (430). The top three destination countries were China (1083 projects), India (659) and Singapore (506). The top three investing countries from Europe were the UK (1178 projects), Germany (923) and France(408).