When the first issue of Foreign Direct Investment magazine hit desks in November 2001, it might not have seemed the best time to launch an international business magazine – or, indeed, any product – given the September 11 attacks and their dampening effect on economic growth and business performance. But the US and global economies bounced back, as did FDI flows; and fDi magazine went on to become the world’s leading corporate expansion and inward investment title.

A lot can happen in five years. There was a time, in the not-too-distant past, when it might have seemed surprising that business and political leaders the world over would be beating a path to Chinese cities whose names they can hardly pronounce, smiling stoically through shots of Maotai and pretending to like fried chicken feet at business dinners, all in the hope of getting a slice of the massive Chinese market.


Needless to say, in 2001 we would not have had a cover story on Colombia. It just goes to demonstrate how quickly the FDI landscape can change. Nothing should be taken as given.

In five years’ time, what other countries will have crept back out of the shadows, and which, through foolish government action or unfortunate and unexpected events, will have retreated into them? That is anyone’s guess.

What is certain is that fDi magazine will continue to track these developments and provide subscribers with an up-to-date image of the global investment map. Taking this idea to its natural conclusion, our news, features and analysis will soon be complemented with an fDi Atlas, an online mapping tool. The atlas is just one part of a wider initiative to beef up our online presence, add real-time information to our bi-monthly print offering, and make our website an interactive, practical tool for corporate investors. Watch this space – or, more accurately, watch www.fdimagazine.com.

Happy birthday, fDi. Thanks to our readers, commercial partners and editorial contributors. May global companies continue to prosper and expand, and may foreign investment continue to flow to all those locations that need and deserve it.


Courtney Fingar