Global overview 2014 FDI snapshot

In 2014, greenfield FDI continued to show signs of recovery, with capital investment increasing by an estimated 1% from $642bn in 2013 to $649bn and job creation increasing by 17% to 1.84 million. However, the number of FDI projects declined slightly in 2014, decreasing by 1% to 12,069. 

China was the highest ranked destination country by capital investment, with $75bn-worth of FDI projects announced in 2014, while the US was the highest ranked destination country by number of FDI projects, with a total of 1577 FDI projects announced in this period.


The info-graphic was taken from the fDi Report 2015. To read more about this and other FDI trends, as well as for a deeper insight into where FDI flows are going to in the near future, download a free copy of The fDi Report 2015.