According to greenfield investment monitor fDi markets, FDI in the alternative/renewable energy sector in Poland has experienced a sustained decline since peaking in 2007. With 2012 the only year to record an uptick in investment levels, FDI has decreased dramatically since 2007, with 2013 representing the worst year since data was first collected in this sector in 2006.

Between January 2006 and December 2013, a total of 53 projects were recorded, with 4009 jobs created by 39 companies. In 2006, three projects were recorded, with 200 jobs created by the three investing companies. In 2007, the year with the highest FDI on record, 14 projects were recorded, with 1363 jobs created by 12 investing companies.


In 2008, 11 projects were recorded with 731 jobs created by eight investing companies, representing a 21% decrease in project numbers and a 46% decrease in job creation compared with 2007. The years 2009, 2010 and 2011 saw the number of FDI projects decline year on year, going from eight to seven to three. This represents a 62% decrease in project numbers and a 74% decrease in job creation over the period.

In 2012, FDI in the Polish alternative/renewable energy sector experienced a recovery. The number of projects rose to six, with 410 jobs created by the six investing companies. This increase represents a 50% rise in projects and a 62% increase in the number of jobs created. This recovery was short lived, however, as in 2013 there was just one project in the sector. This downward trend is surprising considering the Polish government’s endorsement of the EU Renewables Directive, which calls for the country to meet 15% of its energy needs through renewable means by 2020.