FDI into Spain in 2013 continues to decline, according to data from greenfield investment monitor fDi Markets. In July, 14 projects were recorded, down from 27 in February. The decline in FDI projects reflects Spain’s wider economic problems.

The US and France remain the top investing countries for FDI projects into Spain in 2013, recording 25 and 21 projects, respectively. Although the number of FDI projects into Spain has declined, capital expenditure has increased from $1.17bn in February 2013 to $1.36bn in July. France has invested the most, with an overall capital expenditure of $1.32bn in 2013. The US places second with capital expenditure of $1.17bn for 2013.


The number of jobs created through FDI have also experienced an increase – 3685 jobs were recorded in July 2013, an increase from February, when 3155 jobs were recorded. France-based companies created more jobs than US-based companies, with 6196 jobs created in 2013, compared with 1664 jobs from the US. Most of the jobs created were in the real-estate sector, but the majority of projects came from the financial services sector, which has recorded 18 projects so far in 2013. In fact, the real-estate sector only placed in eighth position in terms of projects recorded, from January 2013 to July, with six projects. This reflects the job-heavy aspect of projects in the real-estate sector, in comparison with the financial services sector, which despite recording the highest number of projects, has recorded 211 jobs created in 2013. In comparison, the real-estate sector tracked 4097 jobs.