Dhaka’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Bangladesh has topped the ranking for return on investment (ROI) for budget. The chamber promotes the city as a regional hub for business by identifying opportunities in the value chain that could be exploited by foreign investors. It has also established a local and international business network, supported by matchmaking sessions to expand business networks.


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Coahuila state in Mexico’s Sedect organisation ranks second for budget ROI, which covers promotional trips to foreign markets. Chihuahua state’s Secretariat of Economy uses its budget to identify prospects, which are then exploited during targeted events.

Barcelona ranks first in fDi’s inaugural ROI ranking for personnel. The city’s investment promotion task force includes several teams, including an economic and data group, which benchmarks locations; a strategic sectors team, which provides insight on local sectors and clusters; and a landing support team, which monitors new investors and offers support.

Dublin takes second place for ROI for personnel, with teams from the city council covering both international relations and economic development in its efforts to attract investment.

Meanwhile, Catalonia Trade & Investment’s team, based in Barcelona, is structured into investor promotion and services and project managements teams, to attract initial investment and then offer specific support to investors. 

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