Greenfield investment monitor fDi Markets recorded a global decline in FDI projects in the financial services sector in February 2013 compared with March 2012. As part of a wider slowdown in FDI across all sectors, the financial services sector recorded 70 projects in February 2013, compared with 120 projects in March 2012. The estimated number of jobs created through FDI has also decreased sharply in the period but estimated capital expenditure has remained steady.

The US and the UK were the top two source countries for financial services FDI between March 2012 and February 2013, accounting for 28% of global FDI and recording 164 and 148 projects, respectively. The top two source cities were London, with 130 projects, and New York City, with 64. London was also the leading destination city for financial services FDI, along with Singapore. Both cities recorded 37 projects between March 2012 and February 2013.


The top destination country for financial services FDI was the US, which recorded 92 FDI projects, closely followed by China, which recorded 88.