Data from greenfield investment monitor fDi Markets shows a month-by-month decrease in FDI project numbers in France in the final quarter of 2012. Job creation and capital investment in the country also decreased in line with this trend.

In the final quarter of 2012, the number of projects recorded in France witnessed a month-by-month decline, with 37 projects recorded in September, 28 in October, 21 in November and 19 in December. This represents a decrease in project numbers of nearly 50% between September and December. Job creation was also in decline, with 974 jobs created as a result of FDI in December, compared to 2266 in September. Total capital investment in the country stood at $856.6m in September and fell to $287.7m in December, representing a 66% decline.


In 2012, FDI into France peaked in January when 44 projects were recorded in the country. Job creation and capital investment both peaked in March, when 3017 jobs were created and a total of $1.2bn was invested.

Between January 2012 and December 2012 a total of 302 FDI projects were recorded in France, accounting for 1.8% of all FDI globally. Capital investment in this period amounted to $7.02bn, with an average investment of $23.2m per project. A total of 20,721 jobs were created as a result of FDI into France in the year.

US-based companies created the most jobs in France in 2012, with 6130 jobs created through 101 projects. US-based companies also recorded the highest level of capital investment with a total of $1.95bn invested in 2012. Germany-based companies created 6130 jobs through FDI in France in 2012, and UK-based companies ranked third in job creation, with 2247 jobs.