Cityscape Dubai 2006 will officially be the largest B2B real estate event in the world. The event has grown phenomenally since its launch in 2002 and last year attracted 23,552 participants. In only its fifth year, Cityscape has surpassed the likes of MIPIM and Expo Real in terms of size and participation. The event now also represents the most diverse platform in the world with more than 85 countries represented.

Cityscape Dubai, as always, will have strong participation from all the Middle Eastern countries. International participation, however, is growing considerably every year. The event is attracting participation from a number of government and development authorities from both mature and emerging markets wanting to promote themselves to Middle Eastern investors. City of Hamburg, Paris Region, Region Lazio, City of Rome, City of Warsaw, Krasnodar Krai Economic Development Agency (Russia), Ontario Region (Canada), Singapore, Australia and many others are all participating from the perspective of attracting investment into their respective regions.


This success has been encouraged by a very buoyant Gulf real estate market backed by strong liquidity and an ability to execute projects quickly. The value of projects planned or under way in the Gulf has exceeded $1000bn, with the United Arab Emirates (UAE) accounting for one-third of that.

Those are impressive numbers but they do not explain the underlying reasons for the success of Cityscape Dubai. One of the key strengths of the event is that we provide access to the wealthiest and most liquid group of investors in the world.

In addition, our extensive marketing campaign and database, coupled with a world-class project and event management team and the support of the leading knowledge skills company in the world, the Institute for International Research (IIR), collectively provide a winning formula.

Last year, more than $27bn-worth of deals was conducted at the exhibition alone. This is an audited figure and does not include business conducted after the event or as a direct result of the vast networking opportunities provided at the event.

In 2007, Cityscape will become a biannual event in the Middle East. Such is the demand and speed of the international real estate community that key industry players have indicated once a year is insufficient. The capital of the UAE, Abu Dhabi, was a natural choice for a second location because of the fantastic projects announced there in the past year. Cityscape Abu Dhabi will take place on May 8-10, 2007, and give you another good reason to clear your schedules, besides the crystal blue waters and white sandy beaches.

2007 will also be a year of global expansion for the Cityscape brand. Already under way are two new events in the real estate calendar: Cityscape China (Shanghai, May 24-26, 2007) and Cityscape Asia (Singapore, April 10-12, 2007). We have launched these events on the basis of extensive and solid research and have already received widespread international support.

I look forward to personally welcoming you to Cityscape Dubai 2006 in December, where you will find unparalleled investment and development opportunities in both emerging and mature markets. The exhibition is spread over 55,000 square metres of exhibition space, more than double last year’s. This year, we expect to welcome more than 35,000 industry professionals to the show at the Dubai International Exhibition Centre.

Rohan Marwaha

Group Development Director