General Motors announced on April 4 that it is investing a total of $2bn into Canada’s automotive sector as it expands two manufacturing plants in Ontario with the help of government funding. 

At the Canadian Technical Centre’s (CTC) McLaughlin Advanced Technology Track in Oshawa, it will add light-duty pickup production and create 2600 new jobs. 


Meanwhile, the CAMI assembly plant, located in the town of Ingersoll, is expected to be redeveloped in order to begin production of electric delivery vans later this year. The company invested $800m in January 2021 to transform its CAMI plant to produce the BrightDrop EV600 model.

Both the Canadian federal and the Ontario government announced on April 4 that they had invested $259m each into GM’s plants. 

Separately, GM announced alongside South Korea-based POSCO Chemical on March 7 that they are building a $400m facility in Quebec to produce cathode active materials for GM’s batteries, which will power GM electric vehicles (EVs).

Doug Parks, executive vice president at General Motors, said in a statement on March 7 that: “Canada is playing an important role in our all-electric future, and we are grateful for the strong support we have received from local, provincial and national officials to grow a North American-focused EV value chain.”