According to greenfield investment monitor fDi markets, global FDI in the coal, oil and natural gas sector has experienced a decline since peaking in 2008. After a small decrease of FDI in 2009, investment levels have experienced a more substantial decrease thereafter. As current figures stand, it is unlikely that the downward spiral will be reversed in 2013.

In 2008, fDi Markets recorded 536 projects, which created a total of 109,215 jobs through 252 separate investing companies. Slightly lower numbers were recorded during 2009, with 487 projects tracked and 87,066 jobs created by 314 separate companies. In direct contrast, during 2010, the amount of FDI tracked experienced a large decrease from the preceding two years, with fDi Markets recording 291 projects creating 50,273 jobs by 208 investing companies.


The number of jobs created in 2010 compared to 2008 dropped by 54% and the number of projects recorded fell by 45%. Data recorded for 2011 shows similar FDI levels, with fDi Markets tracking a very slight decrease between 2010 and 2011. A total of 275 projects were recorded, with 44,764 jobs created by 198 investing companies.

Although global FDI within the coal, oil and natural gas sector experienced a further decline in 2012, it was not as significant as that experienced between 2009 and 2010. In 2012, fDi Markets tracked 194 projects, with a total of 23,484 jobs created by 143 different companies. Again, the number of jobs created globally in this sector experienced a sharp decline, with a 53% decrease recorded between 2010 and 2012.

While the data available for 2013 does not currently encompass published information for December, it is unlikely that the final result will surpass 2012 levels. Job creation notwithstanding, which has surpassed the amount recorded in 2012, the total projects recorded for 2013 currently stands at 157 with 124 companies investing, representing a decrease of 19% and 14%, respectively.